DATE:   July 30, 2018
CONTACT:  Deb Powers, Executive Director,

Leadership Northwest Missouri Class of 2018 Graduates 22 from the Region

Leadership Northwest Missouri recently held their 2018 graduation ceremony in St. Joseph at the Remington Nature Center.  The celebration began with a welcome by Master of Ceremonies, Robert Jandorf, Board President Elect and 2017 LNWMO graduate from Savannah. Arnie Kreek, Class of 2012, blessed the group with an invocation prior to dinner.  Phillip Ray, member of the Class of 2018, reflected on their class year sharing memorable moments, followed by a video presentation created by Becky Cleveland, Class of 2018.  Dr. Tim Crowley, Leadership Coach from St. Joseph, shared some leadership thoughts.  Deb Powers, Executive Director, presented a token of appreciation to sponsors: Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri, Farmers State Bank, Mosaic Life Care, Northwest Missouri State University, Commerce Bank, Hedrick Medical Center, Missouri Western State University, Northwest Health Services, St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, Thrivent Financial-Cody Vaughn, BTC Bank, Industrial Development Authority of the City of Marceline, Missouri Star Quilt Co., Mozingo Lake Recreation Park and William Coy’s Farm to Table Restaurant, and Tara Industries. Robert Jandorf recognized retiring board members:  Malinda Grant, St. Joseph; Mark Quick, St. Joseph; and Ben White, Chillicothe.

Jackie Soptic, General Board Member and Class of 2004 alum, presented the Leadership Northwest Missouri Citizenship Award for 2018 to Arnie Kreek of Oregon, MO.  Arnie Kreek has had impact on Northwest Missouri through his support and involvement in many regional organizations and because of his commitment to serving and empowering others. Recently retired from the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments in Maryville, Arnie served as Economic Development Planner since 2005 where his duties included economic development and economic facilitation for a five-county area. Arnie is also an alum of LNWMO, Class of 2012.

Robert Jandorf and Ben White presented each of the 22 graduating class members a plaque for completing the program. Graduates from the 2018 class, INNOV18, represented 15 Northwest Missouri Counties:  Andrew County, Brendon Clark, Coby Keyes; Atchison County, Ashlee Driskell, Heather Olson; Buchanan County, Chad Neff, Seth Rector, Darci Shuster; Caldwell County, Kari Corbin, Austin Hibler; Clay County, Laura McFadden; Clinton County, Nathan Jones; Daviess County, Alicia Endicott; DeKalb County, Laura Bray; Gentry County, Lori Bishop, Tammy Green; Grundy County, Lindsay Oram, Phillip Ray; Harrison County, Ashley Bugbee; Linn County, Becky Cleveland; Livingston County, Jessica Trussell; Mercer County, Tamara Campbell; Nodaway County, Monica McCollough.

A special thank you to the Graduation Planning Committee from the Class of 2017: Jeff Gates, Jan Glenn, Janice Neumann, Clay Rich and Kris Umbarger.

Leadership Northwest Missouri is a leadership development program designed to bring together participants from throughout a 19-county region to build, strengthen and inspire leaders through training and networking experiences.  The class began in January and continued through July with monthly sessions in various Northwest Missouri communities.  Classes during the 2018 class year were held at Conception Abbey, in Hamilton, Albany, Osborn, Carrollton, Maryville and Marceline.  Each session contained instruction on various leadership skills, in-depth examination of various issues facing the region and hands-on exercises.  In addition to entrepreneurship, other regional issues that were addressed included healthcare, agriculture, regional awareness, regional vitality and team empowerment.

New LNWMO Board Members joining in July: Ashley Bugbee, Harrison County; Ashlee Driskell, Atchison County and Lindsay Oram, Grundy County.

An application for the 2019 class will soon be available on the website:

For additional information, please contact Deb Powers, Executive Director,

DATE:   January 30, 2018
CONTACT:  Deb Powers, Executive Director,

23 Regional Participants Begin Leadership Northwest Missouri Program

Twenty-three men and women make up the newest class of Leadership Northwest Missouri, an annual series of sessions that bring together existing and emerging leaders from throughout a 19-county region to discover and sharpen their leadership skills, explore regional issues, and build a network of contacts throughout Northwest Missouri.

The 2018 class began with a two-day retreat, January 24 and 25, at Conception Abbey. The participants will gather monthly for day-long sessions in varied locations throughout the region. The series concludes with a July 19 graduation celebration in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Members of the 2018 class and the counties they represent are: Brendon Clark, Coby Keyes, and Darci Shuster, Andrew/Buchanan County; Ashlee Driskell and Heather Olson, Atchison County; Chad Neff, Seth Rector and Mark Scates, Buchanan County; Kari Corbin, Caldwell County; Laura McFadden, Clay County; Laura Bray, Clinton/DeKalb County; Alicia Endicott, Daviess/Grundy County; Nathan Jones, DeKalb/Clinton County; Lori Bishop and Tammy Green, Gentry County; Lindsay Oram and Phillip Ray, Grundy County; Ashley Bugbee, Harrison County; Becky Cleveland, Linn County; Austin Hibler, Livingston/Caldwell County; Jessica Trussell, Livingston County; Tami Campbell, Mercer/Grundy County; Monica McCollough, Nodaway County.

“I had a great experience at the retreat.  The grounds and overall atmosphere at Conception Abbey are picturesque.  I learned a great deal about myself and what it takes to be a successful leader during our team building exercises.  I’m honored to be around some of the most encouraging present and future leaders from all walks of life.” Chad Neff, Director of Programs, Second Harvest Community Food Bank.

“I attended the Leadership Northwest two-day retreat at Conception Abbey and I left there feeling blessed and inspired! Dr. Tim Crowley is absolutely amazing and definitely was setting the example and modeling great leadership for us. I can’t wait to see the endless possibilities of collaboration and teamwork that these next six months gives our class. I have met some of the most amazing people and can’t wait to build friendships and connections!” Ashlee Driskell, Home Health Director, Community Hospital-Fairfax.

“I can already see the benefits of this opportunity resonating far beyond completion!” Phillip Ray, North Central Missouri Development Alliance.

Leadership Northwest Missouri has become the catalyst for identifying, training and connecting the leaders of our region and is the pathway for effective leadership for generations to come. There is a deliberate focus on fostering a sense of ownership for the region – that we have interdependent roles and we depend on each for the progress and success of Northwest Missouri.

Sessions incorporate a blend of classroom presentations and experiential exercises; in-depth examinations of such regional issues as agriculture, healthcare, entrepreneurship, regional awareness, regional vitality and team empowerment round out each session.

“Regional-focused leadership development programs are the foundation for building the capacity of individuals, communities and regions to solve their own problems,” said Dr. Tim Crowley, a local leadership expert who is one of the program’s facilitators. “Participants develop leadership best practices, establish strong networks, increase ability to solve complex problems and deepen their understanding of regional needs and assets.”

Please contact Deb Powers for information on Leadership Northwest Missouri,  Website:

DATE:   September 11, 2017
CONTACT:  Deb Powers, Executive Director,

Leadership Northwest Missouri Recruiting for 2018 Class

St. Joseph – Leadership Northwest Missouri is looking for the right men and women to fill its 2018 class, promising those who join an experience they’ll never forget.  Eight days over a seven-month period is the commitment, but the results are worth so much more.  The deadline to apply is December 1, 2017.

Often, seminars offer tips on leadership and networking.  But Leadership Northwest Missouri is different.  It provides a localized experience, offering leadership training, education on hot topics in the region, and access to a well-connected network of contacts.  Here is what some of the 2017 class participants had to say about their experience:

“Leadership Northwest Missouri empowers you to want to be a better leader and person, not only in the workplace, but in your daily life. You will leave a session feeling ready to change the world and come to crave the next “Tim time.” Dr. Tim Crowley is uplifting and challenges you to be the best version of yourself, because we are all leaders.”
Vicki Hogue, Albany

“I am so grateful for my experiences with this amazing program. I truly value the connections I have made and the relationships I have built over the last several months. I am a better person, a better leader, because of my participation in Leadership Northwest Missouri.”
Laura Buhman, St. Joseph                                                                  

“LNWMO provides participants with an opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally, through reflection of the individuals’ goals and development of leadership skills.  The program empowers people to stretch beyond their current comfort zone to create a wider circle of colleagues and a deeper understanding of others and of the Northwest Missouri region.  As a result of my participation in LNWMO, my life has been enriched with new friends, new opportunities, and greater leadership capabilities.  I highly recommend anyone interested in developing his or her leadership skills to apply to be part of the Class of 2018.”
Stephanie Williams, Cameron

“It was unique and wonderful.  It was not what I expected but turned out to be better than I could have imagined.  Connecting with others in Northwest Missouri was incredibly important for me to have a better understanding of the community I now live in and I have learned to have a great appreciation for Northwest Missouri that I would have never been able to have without this program.  I am better for having been a part of this program.”
Stephany Beaver, Polo

“Leadership Northwest Missouri has completely shifted my outlook on what leadership can and should mean. Tim’s teachings have become an integral part of my daily thoughts in being the kind of leader I want to be in every facet of my life. The network of friends I have acquired from across the region encourage my growth as a leader and are sure to be beneficial throughout my career.”
Kaity Holtman, Conception Junction          

“Leadership Northwest has helped me develop a great network of leaders in our region. I learned a lot of new things about our region with different issues that come up. I feel this class has helped me become a better leader.”
Emily Minton, Maryville

“Friends and colleagues that have been through LNWMO told me what a life changing experience it was.  To be honest, I was a bit skeptical and didn’t see how a professional leadership program could be so impactful.  I could not have been more wrong!  This program is life-changing and so much more than learning professional leadership.  In fact, it’s hard to put into words so I let my actions speak for what I learned.  By the end of the first day, I had formed a bond with my cohorts that was completely unexpected.  I learned that leadership doesn’t just involve a person’s actions on the job or in the community.  It starts deep within a person and that the people I encounter everyday deserve my best. As a result, I am more compassionate to the people in my life and more benevolent to those in need.”
Sam Mason, Maryville

“Being involved in Leadership Northwest Missouri was the most meaningful business experience I have ever encountered.  I learned about leadership qualities that are comfortable and easy for some of us and about others that make us step outside of our comfort zones.  Our group began the program as business acquaintances and ended as friends – all over Northwest Missouri!”
Janice Neumann, St. Joseph

The 2018 class will begin with a two-day retreat at Conception Abbey, January 24 and 25, led by Tim Crowley, Ph.D., a national speaker on personal and professional development.  Day-long monthly classes will follow in various communities throughout our 19-county region, (Andrew, Atchison, Buchanan, Caldwell, Carroll, Clay, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Gentry, Grundy, Harrison, Holt, Linn, Livingston, Mercer, Nodaway, Sullivan and Worth), with the class graduation scheduled for July 19.

Class participants will come away with a new outlook on the workplace, enhanced leadership skills, hands-on team building exercises, communication and motivational skills, and so much more.  To create an effective experience, Leadership Northwest Missouri must limit the number of class participants.  The deadline to apply is December 1.  Please contact Deb Powers if you have questions or to request an application; e-mail:


DATE: September 1, 2016
CONTACT: Ben White, President; Staci Baker, President Elect

Leadership Northwest Missouri is pleased to announce their affiliation with Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri.  They are a great organization for LNWMO to affiliate with.  Community Foundation’s vision is “To be a national leader in regional collaboration creating the culture which results in increased philanthropy and prosperity.” Their vivid description: “Northwest Missouri is known for its vibrant home towns with extraordinary citizens who invest in and care about the prosperity of their region. Through regional collaboration the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri fosters grass roots innovation and economic vibrancy in communities. We believe our success in the future is based on our work today.”

Leadership Northwest Missouri mirrors Community Foundation’s efforts in our region, providing the fit needed to continue to grow our communities now and in the future. Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri covers 18 of our 19 counties in Northwest Missouri.  This change will provide continuity of the program as the board continues to look at potential growth for Leadership Northwest Missouri. “Our partnership with Community Foundation is invaluable and our visions for the future of Northwest Missouri are very similar. This affiliation made sense on so many levels. Their resources will be a huge asset to our organization, and we look forward to working with them to better the Great Northwest,”  President Ben White said. Our “physical” office/mailing address is now:  1006 West St. Maartens Drive, Suite B, St. Joseph, MO 64506.

In addition to this new partnership, LNWMO is pleased to share that Deb Powers has been hired by Leadership Northwest Missouri to continue as Executive Director.  President Elect Staci Baker said, “We are very excited that Deb accepted LNWMO’s proposal.  We are blessed to have her.  She does an amazing job keeping things on track and maintaining the organization of the program.  With her knowledge and enthusiasm, LNWMO will continue to foster leadership development and growth throughout our Region.”

Leadership Northwest Missouri is gearing up for their 2017 class.  Here is what some of our Class of 2016 participants had to say about the program:

I learned through the program of “The Leadership Challenge” that I can truly make extraordinary things happen in my work, community, family, and life. By applying a simple yet powerful framework. Most importantly, I realized the meaningful, connected, and deeper relationships along the way are the best rewards of the entire process.  What a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve in life.
Sean Beaver, Polo

Leadership Northwest was a great, positive experience for me. A great opportunity for anyone to expand their ability to work with others.
Darrell Gardner, Marceline

A lasting and growing experience to carry one through all leadership areas of one’s life.
Andi Ramsey, St. Joseph

This experience was so much more than I expected.  The connections, friendship, and knowledge I gained were completely beyond my expectations!
Renita Neville, Agency

Leadership Northwest was an inspirational and positive experience for me.  It helped me build healthy relationships with friends I will have for a life time!
Jenny Moss, Chillicothe

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