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Charity Austin, Alum, Class of 2006 (In Memoriam, Kevin Austin, Alum, Class of 2007)
Anna Barlow, Alum, Class of 2020
Ashlee Boner, Alum, Class of 2020
Jenna Carlock, Alum, Class of 2019
Rachel Davidson, Alum, Class of 2019
Alicia Endicott, Alum, Class of 2018
Michelle Fagerstone, Alum, Class of 2016
Christel Gollnick, Alum, Class of 2015
Granville “Chip” and Pam Holman, Alumni, Class of 2019
Robert Jandorf, Alum, Class of 2017
Jennifer Jarvis, Alum, Class of 2021
Courtney Jimenez, Alum,
Class of 2020
Micah Landes, Alum, Class of 2014
Teresa Linville-Mier, Alum, Class of 2020
Shane Lynch, Alum, Class of 2021
Mackenzie Manring, Alum, Class of 2020
Randy Mendenhall, Alum, Class of 2020
Wes Moore, Alum, Class of 2017
Deb Powers, Alum, Class of 2001
Josh Prater, Alum, Class of 2015
Robert Ritterbusch, Alum, Class of 2008
Darla Shipley, Alum, Class of 2016
Steve Snook, Alum, Class of 2001
Jenna Stevens, Alum, Class of 2021
Mike Stolte, Alum, Class of 2021
Ashley Swartz, Alum, Class of 2018
Jack Vernon, Alum, Class of 2001 and Virginia “Ginny” Vernon, Alum, Class of 2007
Brenda Williams, Alum, Class of 2007
Stephanie Williams, Alum, Class of 2017

This is what some of our class participants had to say about their Leadership Northwest Missouri experience:

“Leadership Northwest Missouri has been amazing due to the unforeseen circumstances in the world. The knowledge we have gained as a unit has taught us how to adapt, learn, and grow. The experiences have taught us to understand and appreciate others’ struggles. That everyone may look different, but share some of the same struggles.”
Tim Wymes, Cameron/Clinton County

“My experience with Leadership Northwest was truly life-changing. Our class had challenges related to COVID-19 and still was able to remain engaged in-person and virtually. I can’t imagine navigating the last year without the guidance, support, positivity and wisdom of my classmates.”
Anna Barlow, Carrollton/Carroll County

“Leadership Northwest has been a fun and challenging experience of connecting with and learning from a diverse group of leaders from all over northwest Missouri. It has challenged me to grow in many ways, to think about issues outside my normal scope, and to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone.”
Br. David Wilding, Conception/Nodaway County

“Being a part of Leadership Northwest Missouri this year has been a unique experience to say the least. Not being able to visit all the vibrant communities in Northwest Missouri due to Covid-19 restrictions has been disappointing. But at the same time, it has been rewarding to continue to connect to this group via Zoom. At a time when stress and uncertainty are running high related to Covid-19 and the death of George Floyd, it has been so valuable to connect to a group of leaders and study leadership through the lens of trying times. The Leadership Northwest Missouri organizers have done an excellent job of providing opportunities to learn and grow through it all. I will certainly look back upon my year with this group with admiration and gratitude for having been a part of it.”
Debbie Bennett, Rock Port/Atchison County

“LNWMO has provided excellent opportunities to grow, both as a leader and as a person, and to network with other leaders throughout the northwest region. When presented with the challenges faced in 2020, the organization continuously adapted to provide alternate methods for delivering an outstanding experience.”
Randy Mendenhall, Oregon/Holt County

“Leadership Northwest 2020 has been an amazing experience. I never dreamed that so much learning could take place and such a close bond would be formed with one group of people. Even with the trials of COVID-19, this group has bonded and continued to support each other in more ways than I can express. I wish everyone could go through this experience. I am a better person and have grown so much as an individual and as a team. I have increased my circle of lifelong friends with an amazing group of diverse individuals and look forward to continuing this work as an alumni.”
Cindy Wells, St. Joseph/Buchanan County

“This is a great program to help future leaders learn, motivate and push themselves to become a better leader. The program helps you with stepping outside of your comfort zone to fully engage in the program and your day to day leadership to help benefit your future.”
Dave Fast, Fairfax/Atchison County

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