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Charity Austin, Alum, Class of 2006 (In Memoriam, Kevin Austin, Alum, Class of 2007)
Anna Barlow, Alum, Class of 2020
Ashlee Boner, Alum, Class of 2020
Meggan Brown, Alum, Class of 2022
Laura Buhman, Alum, Class of 2017
Bob Bush, Alum, Class of 2001
Jenna Carlock, Alum, Class of 2019
Stacy Cole, Alum, Class of 2005
Marcia Cox, Alum, Class of 2021
Rachel Davidson, Alum, Class of 2019
Alicia Endicott, Alum, Class of 2018
Michelle Fagerstone, Alum, Class of 2016
Jeff Ferguson, Alum, Class of 2011
Christel Gollnick, Alum, Class of 2015
Malinda Grant, Alum, Class of 2016
Jason Helton, Alum, Class of 2001
Granville “Chip” and Pam Holman, Alumni, Class of 2019
Robert Jandorf, Alum, Class of 2017
Jennifer Jarvis, Alum, Class of 2021
Courtney Jimenez, Alum,
Class of 2020
Linda Judah, Alum, Class of 2008
Arnie Kreek, Alum, Class of 2012
Micah Landes, Alum, Class of 2014
Teresa Linville-Mier, Alum, Class of 2020
Curt Livengood, Alum, Class of 2008
Tonya Lohman, Alum, Class of 2010
Shane Lynch, Alum, Class of 2021
Mackenzie Manring, Alum, Class of 2020
Randy Mendenhall, Alum, Class of 2020
Wes Moore, Alum, Class of 2017
Jomel Nichols, Alum, Class of 2015
Paula Overfelt, Alum, Class of 2001
Deb Powers, Alum, Class of 2001
Josh Prater, Alum, Class of 2015
Mark Quick, Alum, Class of 2015
Robert Ritterbusch, Alum, Class of 2008
Steve Schieber, Alum, Class of 2001
Darla Shipley, Alum, Class of 2016
Steve Snook, Alum, Class of 2001
Jenna Stevens, Alum, Class of 2021
Mike Stolte, Alum, Class of 2021
Ashley Swartz, Alum, Class of 2018
Kris Umbarger, Alum, Class of 2017
Jack Vernon, Alum, Class of 2001 and Virginia “Ginny” Vernon, Alum, Class of 2007
Brenda Williams, Alum, Class of 2007
Stephanie Williams, Alum, Class of 2017

This is what some of our class participants had to say about their Leadership Northwest Missouri experience:

“Leadership Northwest is not just about professional development, but focuses on your personal journey as well. It’s a great program that allows people at every level to further their leadership skills not only in the workplace but in their community as well. It’s a wonderful opportunity for anyone who would like to apply.” Lesley Delaney, Carrollton/Carroll County 

“Saying that LNWMO met my expectations would be an understatement. The program was inspiring, educating, and overall, an incredible learning experience giving me the opportunity to utilize tools from this class in my professional and personal life. Most of all, the fellow leaders in this class are now lifelong friends. My experience in this class was incredible and I’m so thrilled to continue my involvement as an alumni member.” Shane Lynch, Trenton/Grundy County

“Leadership Northwest covers 19 counties. We learned about the challenges and opportunities in many counties and came away with ideas to take back to our communities. During our leadership training we learned to: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act and Encourage the Heart. These lessons were taught through team building activities, classroom lectures and discussion with peers. At the heart of LNWMO was relationship building because we need each other to build a healthy future for our towns and cities. I highly recommend this course.” David Lucas, Oregon/Holt County

“LNWMO was the refreshment I didn’t realize how much I needed and was ever so timely! As a current business owner and company leader, I am like most and need to “refuel and fill up” my own spirit from time to time. This then enables one to be more effective in “pouring into” others. I’m so happy this program is available and it’s truly a one-of-a-kind gift and experience that every participant will cherish.” Melissa King, Trenton/Grundy County

“When I started the Leadership Northwest Missouri program, I was asked what I hoped to take away. I said lifelong friends and connections and a better understanding of the Northwest region as a whole. I can say wholeheartedly that I am walking away from the program with classmates who became friends. I visited places I had never been in Northwest Missouri and learned about amazing people who are running businesses and doing other inspiring things in their communities. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!” Becky Kendrick, St. Joseph/Buchanan County

“I think anyone who has an interest in developing or enhancing their leadership skills, and building connections with resources from across the region, will benefit from this program. Age, profession or years of experience does not matter. It was truly an experience I will never forget. Of all the great things you learn in this program, it’s amazing how much you learn about yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing. Take a leap and push your boundaries. You won’t regret it!” Kate Bonderer, Carrollton/Carroll County

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