Alumni Class Photos

Leadership Northwest Missouri held their first class in 2001. Since that time, we have had a variety of graduates from all over Northwest Missouri and now have a total of 324 alumni.


Class of 2016

“Born to Soar”

Click here to enjoy a video from the Class of 2016!

Graduation - Class of 2016

Class of 2015


Click here to enjoy a presentation about the Class of 2015!

Class of 2015


Class of 2014

“Fab 14”

Class of 2014

Class of 2013


Click here to enjoy a video from the Class of 2013!


Class of 2012

“All In”


Class of 2011

“Team Lasagna” (Leaders Always Striving to Achieve, Give, Nurture and Aspire)

Click here to enjoy a video from the Class of 2011.

 Class of 2011 photo


Class of 2010

“Brave Hearts”


Class of 2009

“Connect Northwest”



Class of 2008

“empower 08”


Class of 2007

“Bridge Builders”

Click here to enjoy a video from the Class of 2007.


Class of 2006




Class of 2005

“Northwest Navigators”

Click here to enjoy a slideshow from the Class of 2005…..may take a moment to download, but worth the wait.



Class of 2004

“Northwest Pathfinders”



Class of 2003



Class of 2002

Photo not available. Class members: Marilyn Alldredge, Tomas Baca, Leslie Chandler, Nancy Diggs, Bob Eaton, Jeff Ellis, Kent Fisher, Kim Halter, Theresa Kelly, Kevin Kirby, Lee Langerock, Brenda Costin Lechman, Doris McLean, Bev Maltsberger, Vern Middleton, Johnie Odgen, Rhonda Richards, Sheri Spader

Class of 2001

“Northwest Lighthouse”


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